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I couldn’t help but notice how the ask question I answered about Grace blew up and took off tonight - partly because of the notes, but mainly because of the massive amount of messages I’ve received about it. 

First and foremost: I know some of you were a little unsettled with how harsh I may have came across, and for that I am sorry. But overall I said exactly what I felt and have been dying to get off my chest for the longest time, and for that I just can’t apologize. Thanks for understanding that it is purely out of frustration and was in no way intended as hate - just mere observation in a slightly off put tone. 

Secondly I would sincerely like to give the biggest THANK YOU for all of the support I’ve received though reblogs and inbox messages since it was posted. I was seriously overwhelmed by how many people took the time to message me and give me their support for saying what I felt, and for what (I now realize) so many other people in the Grace fandom have been feeling. Even those who have not particularly agreed with me on every or any point have been so gracious and insightful about giving their own opinion on what we all know to be a pretty touchy subject on tumblr. That’s what this is all about, DISCUSSION and OPINION - not arguments, immaturity and hate…and for that, you all have my love and respect. Very classy, and very much appreciated. I am pleased and surprised to say that I received more positivity than negativity with this whole situation. Definitely something I did not anticipate initially. 

and lastly, to the handful of no balls anons who cared to voice their opinion in my ask box accompanied by their ignorance, immaturity…and even a couple death threats (my first, actually) — I expected nothing less from you. But at the end of the day I said what I needed to say and didn’t have to hide my face to do it. One day when you grow up and move out of your parents basement, you’ll (hopefully) figure out what it means to be an adult and act like one. 



are you not a grace fan anymore?


I will never say that I’m not a fan of Grace or that I don’t support her career or endeavors, but I’m definitely not nearly as impressed or invested as I used to be. The change of the new channel brought a drastic change in content and above all, quality of that content. Bottom line: I don’t feel that obligated to watch Grace’s videos as much because she for some reason does not feel that obligated to make them. I thought that even cutting back to 3 days a week would make it easier for her, but it’s turned into just another cop-out to escape any kind of orginality or effort in being creative. Think about it, she only really has 1 day of the week now (wednesday) that allows her to just be herself and post a video of actual substance (should she even choose to do so).

The week of it’s Grace breakdown (as I see it)

Monday: Awkward and unoriginal podcast day, where we take a project from another medium (itunes), dress it up, and regurgitate it on the channel - usually accompanied by a youtuber game that we have literally seen by every youtuber on every channel in the free fucking world.

Wednesday: Watch me show you my stuff in a haul video/review a Taylor Swift song/ Buy my merchandise day. It’s basically her showing us shit that she has bought, or shit that she wants US to buy.

and finally, Friday: aka “the life and times of me and my boyfriend” day. Ya know, the day where she takes her travel cam to show you how many times her and chester are in a cab or an airplane together. Because let’s face it, that’s what a comedy channel is all about…getting you excited about a possible relationship as so you don’t pay attention to the fact that this isn’t a comedy channel anymore.

This may come across harsh, but I’ve been sitting on these thoughts for a LONG time. It’s sad and disappointing that now, with total creative control over her content that THIS is the direction she has chosen to go in. I remember when I used to refer to Grace as a comedian, but now, she really is just another youtuber.

Don’t bother filling up my inbox with hate, because I won’t respond to any of it. If you have something intelligent to say, I’m all ears and totally open to an ADULT discussion about this. I’m interested to hear what some of the older fans have to say regarding the topic, as they can probably remember what it all USED to be like, and how ridiculous it has come to be in such a short amount of time.

explanation for my absence.


"I hope that you had an amazing, amazing time, because I just had the time of my life. I’ll be honest with you guys. No, I didn’t…but it was a good time, but not the time of my life. Nope. Not even close, but it was fun…but not the funnest." (x


I messaged you back on my old url ilovehelbig, but I want to just reiterate what I said 5 months ago - you are still my favourite blog on here. I love all your posts and hope you find more time to manage to post on here! :)


Thanks! …and in case I haven’t told you in 5 months, you’re seriously one of the sweetest people ever, and I hope you know that. 

"Have you ever built a sand castle on the beach? It takes so long to build  sand castle, but knocking it down is the most fun. So why do we spend so much time building and maintaining these sand castles?" (x


id still make mad passionate love to this blog


hey, whatever works for ya! 


I miss you!


Dear dearest Haley, I miss your stinkin’ guts. I love you more than taco bell and think you’re cuter than all the finger paintings in the world. 

saengking replied to your photoset:Grace’s places / 2008 & 2014  Congrats on the new…

I’ve missed your posts a lot.


Thanks! That means a lot to me! I’ve definitely missed being on this blog lately. Not too sure i’ll be posting regularly like crazy, but i’m hoping/planning to not be such a stranger to it anymore. 

Grace’s places / 2008 & 2014 

Congrats on the new house, Grace! 

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