Dedicated to the early years! Stumbling down memory lane & digging back into the old grace-facing archives! The only thing that would make this blog better is if it came with a shot of Baileys. DISCLAIMER: THIS BLOG HAS A JERSEY ACCENT.

Hey, I love your blog! Can I ask you to gif things? is that okay? There's a really cute part of GracenMichelle's Raw Footage Compilation at :19 where Michelle hugs Grace and says "But I love you!" Have you already made that into a gif? It's so adorable. Keep doing what you're doing!

I don’t normally take requests, but I have already made that into a gif before - so here you go darling. 

through the years: technical difficulties 

…the struggle is real. 


proper bar etiquette (x


lmao is grace wearing a brett michaels bandanna in that last set you posted?

Haha, she’s always been a big fan of head accessories. In alot of her older vlogs she wore headbands, bandannas, or basically whatever else was laying around near her computer desk while she was filming. 

old habits die hard (x

closed caption grace’s faces (x


In those old blogs, does grace wear those glasses for fun, or do you think she actually needs glasses?

They’re for fun. She’s mentioned in numerous older vlogs about how they were fake and she was just wearing them to be silly (along with her now famous childhood optometrist story). I don’t think any pair she had even had actual lenses in them. Just another old school Daily Grace accessory. 

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